Useful Documents: Example Mission Statement

You might find this Mission Statement useful in your courier business. Who we are <Name> Couriers, established in <year>, is a privately owned company specialising in same day express courier despatch by bicycle, motorbike and van. We have couriers operating throughout the UK. We have an established reputation for quality among a broad customer base. How we want the world to see us We aim to be recognised as: The courier company whom all potential customers and particularly Plc’s can trust to handle their courier contracts. The principal courier service to the <chosen sector>...
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Useful documents: Example Terms and Conditions

[You should consult your lawyer to ensure that these Terms and Conditions are suitable for your needs, before using them in your business] These are sample terms and conditions of carriage. You should check with your solicitor and other professional advisors before relying on them. It is important that your customers are fully aware of them before you do any work for them. They should appear on the back of a hard copy account application form, and reference to them should be made in the form. 1 Definitions “We,Us,Our” shall refer to [your business name] “You,Your,Yours”...
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Other stuff in Tony’s Guide – the book

The ebook (pdf) of Tony’s Guide covers all this and more: What to do when you’re kept waiting What sort of insurance do I need to be a courier? What are the risks of becoming a courier? Drivers’ Hours Going It Alone Starting your own courier operation How to get courier work Writing sales letters that work for you Finding out what your customers want from you Sending out sales stuff that works Easy ways to get appointments to see people to get courier work How to get more courier work for the same amount of time effort Sample sales letters How much should you charge? How to play to...
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