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Courier Insurance

If you’re shopping around for courier insurance, Tony’s Guide can help. We’ve done some research for you, and below are a selection of providers. They all provide insurance cover for driving while acting as a courier, and Goods in Transit insurance, and Public Liability Insurance. It’s well worth getting a quote from all of them, as each one takes a slightly different look at any particular insurance risk. They are all providers of insurance to couriers on, so their prices are competitive. InsuranceChoice Courier Insurance Moorhouse Group: 02920 858855 QuoteDirect Van...
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Online courier booking system

mtvan now comes with the following booking system for its members. Members can offer their customers online booking. Bookings created using the system arrive on the member’s private “Unallocated Bookings” page on mtvan. An email alerts the member that a booking has arrived. The booking can then be put out for offers, printed out for a POD, invoiced, and so on. Ideal for anyone wanting to reduce the number of calls to their control room, or running a courier business from the van…”I’m out in the van at the moment, could you book it online, and I’ll get it...
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Courier work available on DeliverySupermarket

If you’re look at becoming a courier, it’s courier work you need to get started. So you’ll need to look at all possible sources of work, courier companies, local companies using couriers, courier work exchange sites, and nowadays there are also websites that allow “end users”, ie the actual customer, to list work for couriers to quote for. There are others, but a good example is, which is a sister site to The difference between them is that on the work is generally trade only; ie for couriers to sell work to couriers. (Just to...
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Find yourself a courier forum!

If you’re doing your research into starting out as a courier, you will want to hear the opinions of people already in the courier industry, as well as those of people in your situation. You have to use your common sense, obviously, as not everything you read will actually be sensible or even true. You’ll hear a lot of established couriers telling you they’re starving to death, in a rather lame attempt to stop new people coming in to compete them. Generally, as with most things on the internet, the more of a rant a post seems to be, the less notice you should take of it. Start here:...
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How to get yourself started with some courier work

If you’re hoping to make a living as an owner-driver courier, the best way to start is to find work for a while with courier companies in your area. This page will help you know what they expect. Many courier companies are nervous about taking on beginners, so you need to set yourself up properly, to give yourself the best chance of getting work and getting earning. Courier companies need couriers like you to carry out the work, so it’s the obvious place to start. Once you have learned the ropes working for a single courier company as an owner driver, you can, if you want, go out and get courier...
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