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How to get quotes for your courier work on mtvan

There’s a useful tutorial video here, on how to add a courier booking to mtvan. You can use this to post work on the courier work exchange, or to use the invoicing system on mtvan, or both. mtvan is a courier freight exchange, where people who have courier work that needs covering can look for people with vans who can offer good prices to do the work. Got a question? Click here to ask – it’s free! the website is gradually being updated to include 100% complete and free articles on courier work. Please register and we’ll keep you updated. the...
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Giving out the courier work

The job has arrived on your control desk. Now you need to find the right courier to give it to. Remember a first class service to the customer is your overriding concern and arranging a quick pick-up time on the job/s is the first priority with which you should concern yourself. It is common sense that the closest available courier to the collection point is the one who is most likely to achieve the fastest pick-up time and this is the basic policy which should govern your decisions about which of several couriers you allocate to a particular job. There are however other factors which need to be...
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Courier waiting and loading time

The idea behind this charge is to reward the courier company for any time spent by the courier not actually driving. The charge is usually waived if a courier is kept waiting for less than 15 minutes. If the wait is longer than 15 minutes, usually the charge is then made for that 15 minutes and for every subsequent minute thereafter. Not charging for anything less than 15 minutes allows your customers a little “free” time to make the consignment available, and prevents unnecessary ill feeling being created when the invoice arrives. If a courier job is pre-booked… Got a question?...
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Other stuff in Tony’s Guide – the book

The ebook (pdf) of Tony’s Guide covers all this and more: What to do when you’re kept waiting What sort of insurance do I need to be a courier? What are the risks of becoming a courier? Drivers’ Hours Going It Alone Starting your own courier operation How to get courier work Writing sales letters that work for you Finding out what your customers want from you Sending out sales stuff that works Easy ways to get appointments to see people to get courier work How to get more courier work for the same amount of time effort Sample sales letters How much should you charge? How to play to...
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