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How to get yourself started with some courier work

If you’re hoping to make a living as an owner-driver courier, the best way to start is to find work for a while with courier companies in your area. This page will help you know what they expect. Many courier companies are nervous about taking on beginners, so you need to set yourself up properly, to give yourself the best chance of getting work and getting earning. Courier companies need couriers like you to carry out the work, so it’s the obvious place to start. Once you have learned the ropes working for a single courier company as an owner driver, you can, if you want, go out and get courier...
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Deciding to go it alone – start your own courier company

In the old days, and I mean before-fax-machines-came-along sort of old days, you could set up a courier company with just a pen, a reporter’s notebook, an ashtray and a kettle for the couriers, an old van to do some of the deliveries in, and a typewriter for the invoicing. A few cards around local offices, and you’d soon be delivering urgent letters for local businesses. How times have changed. Since then, the same day courier industry has had to adapt to survive many changes. Email has replaced the courier for pretty much any correspondence that the fax machine hadn’t already accounted for, and...
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How to go selling for customers who use couriers

When looking for business in your area, start with mailshots. You can use a combination of postcards, letters and emails. Postcards are effective, because they can attract more attention, but can be more time consuming. They can be addressed by hand, unless you can get hold of good address labels. Don’t be distracted by the need to get all set up with a database and a pc and labels; better to get stuck in by writing out a few hundred addresses by hand. If you are already equipped with the right stuff on your pc, all well and good. Your postcard can say something simple like this: are a same day...
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Doing courier work for more than one courier company

Your next step could be to work for more than one courier company. The benefits of doing this, are that you are more free to set your own prices, your times of work and availability, and your payment terms. The difference is, that instead of being one of the regular daily couriers used by a courier company, you offer yourself as being available as and when they need you. This helps the courier company cover their busy times. In return, the courier company accepts that occasionally you may not be available, as someone else may have booked you. Experience shows that although it’s worth speaking to...
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Marketing for courier businesses

Marketing is sometimes described as “the whole idea of your business”. What your service is, at what price, when it’s available, the people it’s aimed at, how those people should actually buy from it, what colours it uses, the name, the pricing, its location and coverage, and so on. As the person in charge of marketing your courier company, it’s your job to match the features, advantages and benefits (“FAB”) of your service with the wants and needs of your customers. Once you’ve worked out the FAB of your marketing, you need to communicate it to the people you’re aiming...
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